Omni's Cool

is a school of musical production focused on the assimilation of modern music technologies. Our goal is to build a professional and friendly environment for development and support of the talent. Omni's Cool is a place for anyone who wants to learn to compose and produce music.


... "I started teaching piano a few years ago and encouraged students to compose music in their initial training." It turned out that beginner musicians can create music in their first steps and so I started recording their pieces and helping them. This approach moved parallel to the classical learning methods, and so I recorded dozens of ideas of the students in different musical styles. These emotions prompted me to look for information on training courses of the kind. Based on my experience, I decided to create such a specialty in my native Varna city” …

Tsvetan Momchilov - founder

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...if you want to work with modern, musical hardware and software technologies and tools, equip your own home studio, compose and produce music.

[email protected] | +359 884 193 741 | 11 Ohrid Str. Varna 9000, Bulgaria